Popular actor Mona Singh has made a mark for herself in the television industry and OTT and feature films in the past few years. Mona is known for experimenting with different kinds of roles and characters, and now she is all set to debut as a host with &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat. In the past, Mona has hosted quite a few talent-based shows and award functions. Elaborating on choosing to host the show, Mona shares, “I have always preferred roles that are challenging and something that I have not explored before. Hosting a crime-based series is a first for me. The crime genre has always intrigued me, and though I have acted in one, I have not hosted a show of this stature before. Hosting a show is a completely different experience altogether. As a host, one has to be spontaneous yet sensitive. The expressions and body language have to be perfectly balanced. It cannot be too dramatic or too dull. The narrator is the show’s backbone and has the onus to bind the viewers with the narrative, which is the storyline. Holding the viewers’ interest and intrigue is the key to sticking them with the story plot till the end. It is not easy and a big responsibility. She further adds, “I do not have a serious persona. I am a very jolly and fun-loving person. So, the biggest challenge for me will be controlling my emotions and putting on a serious face. As far as the preparations go, I am polishing my presentation skills, voice modulation, expression and body language. I am also familiarising myself with commonly used words and IPC sections. It is a new experience for me, and I equally nervous and excited about it.” 

&TV’s ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat’ is an anthology series presenting mysterious crime cases that will boggle the audience’s mind, compelling one to believe that the rhetoric’ reality is stranger than fiction. Against the backdrops of real locations, ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat’ presents various stories of the most inconceivable, unimaginable crimes, their approach, and methodology. Each story, packed into a daily powerful weekday episode, has a woman protagonist playing an instrumental role in unravelling the mystery of these baffling crimes. 

Catch Mona Singh as the host of fresh episodes of ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat’ coming soon only on &TV!