Ever since its premiere, Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega has been inspiring its audience with its thought-provoking tale and entertaining them with consistent twists and turns on the show. In fact, the recent conflicts between Rani (Megha Ray) and Ranvijay (Imran Khan) has kept viewers at the edge of their seats to see who will finally win this battle. While the mind games continue to entertain the viewers, a new twist in the form of Vijaya Shaktawat has recently entered the Rajawat household with a master plan to capture the entire property and declare herself as the new Rani Sa. Essaying this role is popular television actress Sangeeta Kapure who returns to playing a negative character after nearly 4 years.

Vijaya is Rani Sa’s cousin, who is poles apart from Rajeshwari, and has been brought up in a very different way than her. She was always jealous of Rajeshwari and even though she got married in a rich household, her crass nature remained intact. Her chance to seek revenge and destroy Rani Sa’s life seems to be coming true with Ranvijay joining forces with her to make her plan a success. While Vijaya is determined to bring destruction in Rajeshwari’s life, Sangeeta is excited and eager to play this evil character.

Talking about her return to playing a negative character with Apna Time Bhi Aayega, Sangeeta mentioned, “Vijaya’s character was a sealed deal for me from the moment I learned about the character. At that time, I could almost visualize myself in her shoes. Although I have essayed royal as well as negative characters in the past, this is the first role where I am essaying both the elements together which makes the entire process even more exciting and challenging for me. I must add that most of my characters prior to this have been a little playful and chirpy in nature. But after a really long time, I am returning to a grey role and I am enjoying portraying the strong body language that comes with such a character. I have had a wonderful start with Apna Time Bhi  Aayega and the team who cordially welcomed me. I hope to receive an equally warm response from the audience as well.”

In the meantime, Apna Time Bhi Aayega also completed 250 episodes recently and as they move forward, the show is all set to entertain viewers with new twists and turns that Vijaya brings to everyone’s life. While her entry into the house has forced Rani Sa and her family to leave the house and reside in a chawl, Rajeswari is gearing up to fight back. But what will be Rani Sa’s next steps?

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