Zee TV’s top-rated show, Kundali Bhagya, has delivered several interesting twists to its viewers since its inception. Despite the effects of the pandemic looming over our heads, our favourite characters in this show have been consistently entertaining their audience especially after Karan was put behind bars for taking the blame of Akshay’s murder. While the Luthras have much bigger matters to worry about, the Kundali Bhagya actors are also dealing with different problems. Like every other person, each of them has been striving to get a vaccination slot amid the guidelines and procedures set by the Government of India. Infact, Anjum Fakih who has also been insistently trying her luck to get a slot, happened to recently get one all thanks to her co-star, Sanjay Gagnani.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Sanjay Gagnani has proved it all over again” says Anjum Fakih, who finally got the first doze

Very recently Anjum took to Instagram to share the happy news of her first dose with her fans, ecstatically crediting her fellow co-star, Sanjay Gagnani for helping her get through the whole process. She uploaded a picture of her taking the jab while appreciating Gagnani’s effort at helping her through it.

Sharing her thoughts, Anjum Fakih said I have been waiting to get vaccinated ever since this virus got to our nerves and have been regularly trying ever since the slots opened for us but found it near to impossible to schedule a slot until, Sanjay (Gagnani) stepped in to help me out. There was no reason then for me to not take it, and I finally got jabbed with my first doze. I know the vaccination is not a full proof shield against the virus and we would have to continue following the precautions but now that I’ve made the first move, that itself gives me a sense of relief. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Sanjay (Gagnani) has proved it all over again. It would have been extremely difficult to go about had he not been guiding me all about the procedures from scratch. I think each one of us should get vaccinated as soon as possible before the third wave hits us. Hence, I request all of you to please be a little more conscious about your health and take the vaccines before it’s too late.”

While Anjum and Sanjay are showing some real friendship goals, their roles in Kundali Bhagya are miles and miles apart. Let’s see how the story unfolds with Karan still stuck in jail and Prithvi trying everything possible to keep him and Preeta apart.

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