One of the most popular sports around the world is horse riding. It is considered to be one of the best ways to connect with nature and find yourself focused on something bigger than yourself. Many of our beloved Bollywood stars love to lose themselves in the world of horse riding.

Renu Kaushal is someone who has a curiously active mind that’s always looking to seek out interesting ideas and possibilities. It’s her passion that drove the actor to start learning horseback riding in California LA, a skill She’s been very fond of right from childhood days. According to Renu, horse riding is a very liberating and powerful feeling and experience.

Actress and Model Renu Kaushal can be seen enjoying horse riding in the picture. She is looking sexy and attractive in a red gown while riding a horse. Whenever she gets the time, she rides a horse.

The actress admits that riding a horse is challenging, but says “We need to be brave to tame the horse and get it to listen to us.”