India, 20th September 2021: A picture is worth a thousand words. But how do you describe them in three words or less? Well! Who else can do it better than Bollywood’s most flamboyant personality and the most loved talk show host – Karan Johar himself? 

In the latest video released by National Geographic for its newly launched ‘Your Lens’ property, filmmaker Karan Johar takes up the challenge of expressing his emotions for the stunning images appearing on the screen in his forever jovial mood. Titled Karan on a roll, the video showcases Karan’s take on different images, curated by National Geographic.

Let’s take a look at these stunning images and what Karan Johar feels about them –

1. Picture of the Mumbai city skyline 

Karan: Home 

2. Picture of a lion/lioness with 2 cubs 

Karan, with a big smile: Family 

3. Picture of mountains at sunrise. 

Karan: Introspection 

4. Picture of a school of fish, underwater 

Karan: Community

5. Picture of the Taj Mahal 

Karan: Come on, this one’s too easy – LOVE

6. Picture of a toothless kid smiling at the camera 

Karan: Innocence 

7. A photo of a cliff diver plunging into the sea

Karan: Eyes wide – Adrenaline 

8. Picture of backwaters in Kerala 

Karan: Peace 

9. Picture of a stream flowing through the woods 

Karan: Lost

10. A picture of Auroras in the sky 

Karan: Unsurmountable

Further, Karan encourages viewers to submit their best photos and video on, particularly created and designed for National Geographic’s Your Lens.