Karan Johar who is known to be the man of many talents, who has proved himself as an actor, director, producer , TV show host, fashionista and has surprised his audiences with many blockbusters. But never have we seen him in this Avatar. Karan is known for his calm and witty persona but as we see in this video, he has become an absolute wild child.

Karan Johar Birthday – #KaranGoesCrazy

In this video Karan’s anger reaching new heights! Is someone missing from Karan’s Birthday bash? Is his favourite SRK missing from the Party? Why is Karan going crazy then?  Well, looks like on his 50th birthday he seems to be losing it quite literally!  We don’t know what has gone wrong with the ace filmmaker! We wonder what’s the reason of this outburst?

Let us know what do you think of KJO’s out burst?

Option 1 – SRK is missing from the party?

Option 2 – No designer clothes for him?

Option 3 – His favourite beverage Coffee is missing?