What is better than having a group of friends? Having a group of friends over for a round of beer! Pandemic has created a lot of distance and separation among peers. Whilst the whole world has shifted online, gone virtual, there is this constant need to keep some essence of life real. The casual ritual of hanging out at frequent spots getting debarred, the destressing element of sitting for a brief on everyone’s life has gone poof.

Albeit, this friendship day, lookout for ways to get back to oversharing and over caring over online meet-ups with those who matter and are always there for you. The best way to celebrate friendships this year is to call that friend, arrange that rendezvous and sit down for a night of chit-chat, roasting, and sharing over cans of Medusa. The plan of attack should be a six-pack Medusa, close-packed friends, and a night of shared memories. You can unfriend the distance and zoom up your friends for a Medusa Party!

Call that friend who taught you how to crack open a beer without spilling for the first time and thank them for it with a six-pack Medusa cans

Price – INR 100.

Availability- In Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, UP, Chattisgarh, and Himachal at retails shops.