Inventory solutions and faster delivery for your favorite clean beauty products

Vanity Wagon, a leading natural and sustainable beauty platform, has partnered with Unicommerce, an e-commerce solutions technology, to ensure efficient warehouse management and inventory solutions, resulting in faster delivery times. Seamless operations are essential to any retail brand and a lack thereof can cause several roadblocks in the company’s growth trajectory. The Vanity Wagon and Unicommerce association will ensure the most hassle-free and speedy operations for the sustainable beauty platform to soar.

The implementation of this association would help in managing multiple warehouses together more efficiently resulting in faster delivery time. This would automate operations and increase productivity by a whopping 30%. It also gives a robust system for optimising the stock movement and improves inventory turnover by tracking the movement of stock across the entire supply chain.  

Speaking about this new update, Sahil Shrestha, COO of Vanity Wagon says, “In case of aggregators, the major operational challenges revolve around order processing and delivery in strict timelines from multiple brands day in and day out. With 160 brands now onboard it’s the right time to bring tech superiority in supply chain and logistics management to continue achieving our already lean model”

“Operations is the backbone of every e-retail enterprise. With an increase in the number of brands in the clean beauty space, there has been tremendous growth in Vanity Wagon too. We are looking to augment our sales by 4x by the end of this financial year which is better achieved with a strong supply chain. Unicommerce will help us optimise the delivery system and achieve our designated targets in time” added CIO Naina Ruhail.

“We are delighted to partner with Vanity Wagon to support them in their business growth. They have been able to carve its niche as a marketplace with a robust portfolio of non-toxic and organic beauty and personal care brands. With this partnership, we will empower them with a seller management technology platform, that will allow them to manage and allocate orders to all the brands from a single panel along with a warehouse management system to automate their inventory management and pick/pack operations. The partnership will enable them to bring operational efficiency, offer a wider product assortment to their customers and ensure faster deliveries thus enabling strong business growth. Unicommerce solutions are being used by some

of the leading e-commerce retailers and brands to streamline their supply chain and we are looking forward to supporting Vanity Wagon in elevating the post-purchase experience for their consumers.” quoted Kapil Makhija, CEO Unicommerce.

With Vanity Wagon’s vision and Unicommerce’s solutions, this partnership is set to launch the brands into a direction of incredible growth. The masses will now be able to get their hands on clean, non-toxic beauty and self-care products efficiently and in a jiffy.

About Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon is India’s first and largest clean beauty marketplace. Following their passion, entrepreneurs Naina Ruhail, Prateek Ruhail and Sahil Shrestha founded Vanity Wagon for Indians to buy clean beauty products online. Vanity Wagon is one of the finest information-oriented beauty marketplaces that pledges to bring only toxin-free and natural beauty products to its consumers. They offer a trust-worthy platform where one of the most requested elements between a business and a customer, i.e., transparency is paramount of their relationship. Be it beauty or personal care, they aim to bring the safest solutions to one’s doorstep without any hassle. Vanity Wagon stands by the rule of never having to compromise in any manner to find the right products for their customers. They believe in sustainable beauty and stand firm in their mission to educate the audience and deliver what’s best for them. Further, curating the best of clean beauty without compromising on efficiency and ensuring that the products are cruelty-free.