Ora d'oro Beauty Logo

Ora d’oro Beauty, a makeup brand that puts skincare first, was launched recently. Meaning ‘golden hour’ in Italy, the brand aims to revolutionise how we perceive makeup by infusing science-backed potent and active ingredients. With every contemporary make-up loving, skincare-conscious person as its muse, Ora d’oro is driven to redefine the limits as well as possibilities of makeup that is made to complement your features and nourish, enrich, and revive your skin from within.

 Crafted to perfection in Northern Italy’s Cremon, Ora d’oro’s products imbibe the best of Italian craftsmanship, luxury, and finesse, teamed with extensive research in skincare-centred makeup. Ora d’oro’s product range features high-performing, multi-use and long-lasting products in a spectrum of exciting and trendy colours. The fuss-free one-swipe application, explosive pigments, and scientifically-proven potent formulas allow you to experiment with makeup without fearing any damage to your skin. 

Ora d’oro’s first offering is the hyaluronic acid boosted Spectrum Liquid Lip, a lush, lustrous, and lightweight formulation that imparts equal parts hydration and equal parts punch when it comes to its colour and tone. The liquid lip comes in six exciting matte shades in Ciao!, Amore Mio, Cinnamon, Buttercream, Vino, and Rosa. Its fade-free formula packs in hydration, plumping, and repair, healing chapped lips over time so you can apply it generously without your lips feeling dry and cakey. The hyaluronic acid in it penetrates deep to give you an instant, hydrated sheen with every application, giving your lips a natural volume throughout the day. Ora d’oro creations cater to all skin tones and every skincare need, while also ticking off the raging beauty trends. Every formula is PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free and devoid of paraben, mineral oil, D5 and UV filter. 

Beyond busting the taboos around makeup application, Ora d’oro’s products are made to be a part of your personal style, challenging the conventions of traditional beauty.

About the brand Ora d’oro : is a makeup brand that prioritizes skincare with its science-backed and tested potent chemicals that redefine the role makeup plays in people’s skincare routine. Founded by Nikhil Maheshwari, Ora d’oro is driven to make makeup a part of your holistic self-care experience. Made for makeup-loving skincare enthusiasts, beyond age, race, gender, and complexion, every formula yields high performance with a long, lasting, single-swipe application. The brand is invested in maintaining superlative quality and devoted to thorough transparency of what goes into every product. Now available on Tata Cliq & Myntrawww.oradorobeauty.in