Change begins from home. Shweta’s thought-provoking parenting techniques are testimony to the transforming ways of raising children in the not-so-modern times of today.

In a society that’s ruled by convention, stereotypes are driving thinking patterns and influencing behaviours. Amidst such set perceptions and harsh judgements, Shweta Tanwar Mukherjee – mom, photographer and a content creator is disrupting the chaos through exceptional parenting. By raising her son in the most unconventional manner, Shweta is setting a benchmark for the uber-modern parents across the country. Shweta is a doer and that’s what makes her stand apart from others like her. She strongly believes in being a driver of change and that is evident in her innovative ideas that bring to life in raising her 5 year old son, Shiven.

Talking of change, Shweta is making her own rules in parenting that are normalizing stereotypes for her and her son. One recent testimony to her unconventional ideologies is her visit to a popular retail store where she encouraged her son to help her choose lingerie for her. She went all out to make her son understand that lingerie is just a piece of clothing and not a taboo as it is for some. In her own words “We need to bring this Shift in our actions to make our kids realize that is NORMAL & NATURAL,  not something to be ‘shhhh’  about .”
Kudos to such remarkable efforts towards normalizing conventional perceptions. Shweta is driving change and raising the future.

About Shweta Tanwar Mukherjee:

Shweta is an English literature graduate & an MBA in Marketing and Advertising, has been actively working in the digital space as a content creator for 3 years now, elaborately talking about experiences, choices, and her individuality. Shweta started her career in marketing and has experience of more than 10 years in the field. Excelling in her work life and being at the peak of her career was the time when she decided to leave the job because of her pregnancy and the fact that her job required extensive traveling.

Everything happens for a reason and life is a matter of choice, this is when she made a choice for herself and followed her passion for photography. Her photography page goes by the name The White Camera. Establishing her passion for photography she has worked with many brands, mainly from the fashion industry.

Adhering to her passion, she simultaneously created her page which goes by the name Shvtas, where she started sharing her personal experiences related to motherhood, fashion, and basic lifestyle things.

Sharing real-life experiences with a blend of positive living, fashion/beauty, healthy lifestyle, and motherhood, Shweta aims to follow her ambitions and bring out useful & effective content in the world.